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Aim Lab Training: Be a Sharp Shooter

Aim Lab Settings Page

This is not a sponsored post but you can download Aim Lab Training by visiting the following link AimLab Download

Being both an avid shooter fan and an avid Valorant fan it made sense to highlight Aim Lab following the announcement of it’s most recent partnership with the Valorant Challengers league.

What is Aim Lab?

Aim Lab is an aim trainer built to improve individual aim in First Person Shooters (FPS) . Whilst there are many things we can do that help improve reflex’s and accuracy in shooters Aim Lab is by far the best tool for someone limited on time. That makes it a perfect candidate for the life of a Part Time Gamer and I am no exception, I do Aim Lab Training consistently.

The Aim Lab Training platform offers exceptional customisability allowing users to tailor their settings to suit their objectives. Given my love of Valorant I have mine setup to mirror my settings in-game.

My in-game settings for Aim Lab

The customisation does not end there though. There is a storefront that offers players the opportunity to get skins to make their aim training a little ‘prettier’ with paid DLC. What we’re interested in though is training regime (on a tight schedule).

At the peak of my Overwatch performance in high diamond back in the games hay day I used to warm up with Kovaaks for 10 minutes before every queue. For those unfamiliar Kovaaks is also an aim trainer much like Aim Lab albeit a less functional one.

First things first let’s set up our Aim lab training regime. The screenshot below shows you a well rounded practice setup – make sure after you’ve setup your training playlist you save it so you can pick-up the same exercises each day when you practice. My training playlist has 5 exercises that run for 1 minute each and I run 2 rounds minimum each time I fire up.

If you can’t be bothered setting your regime up here’s a link to the workshop version of mine you can download on steam – Workshop Link

To give Aim Lab the true review it deserves I’m going to be doing 20minutes of Aim Lab a day for one calendar month and catalogue my results below.

Before Any Aim Lab Training

Hopefully the results you find here truly show the power of constant practice at this level. I’ll be trying to play 3/4 Valorant Ranked queue games a week and as of right now 18/03/2021 my rank has decayed to somewhere around Gold having not touched the ranked queue for atleast a season.

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