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Movement in Valorant: Techniques to use

Using Scout in Valorant

Well, Valorant has been out for some time and has earned its place as one of the best FPS games, challenging even the likes of the Legendary CSGO (Counter Strike Global Offensive). But, there is a good reason it challenges the game, because of some movement mechanisms, shooting mechanisms, and even the structure itself that has been copied to Valorant.

To the eye of a new player, the game itself might seem relatively simple, but to make things exciting and challenging, there are some unique mechanisms put into the game. Once again, that mechanism is basically the same as presented in CSGO. Yes, we are talking about the movement and the bullet spread, which needs to be practiced to get kills in the game.

This is where this article comes into consideration because we will be talking about the Movement techniques in Valorant and guiding you through the basics. So, let’s get started with the Valorant Movement Techniques!

5 Essential Tips for Movement in Valorant:

Counter Strafing Summary:

There are high chances you might have heard about the word “Counter Strafing”, either playing games or looking at tips from professionals. Valorant holds the first shot accuracy technique, which allows you to hit the bullet at the target you are aiming at if you are standing completely still.

It might seem simple to handle, but in a match standing still means you are inviting people to kill you easily. So, you might ask, what can I do here? Well, here the Counter Strafing comes into the play, allowing you to hit your first bullet at the moment you stop for a millisecond and then you start moving again, doing this fast can allow you to master the art of carrying the game.

To understand this better we will take an example; 

Left and Right Counter Strafing:

Suppose you are moving to your left, pressing the “A” Keyboard Key and then you stop by simply pulling your finger away from the key. You can notice here that the Character doesn’t stop the moment you pull your finger away from the key, rather it takes a bit of time to do so.

At that moment, when you press the opposite key, which is the Right one or the “D” Keyboard Key, it will allow you to cancel the movement of the left side, stopping you at that exact time, without any delay. A shot to the head will put anyone to sleep at that time because you are at 100 percent accuracy, but it further requires practice.

To understand it a bit better, suppose you are at a corner peeking at the enemy, if you fastly move left and right by pressing the “A” and “D” keyboard key there will be a time in between when you press both the “A” and “D” key to stop the movement. Here you will get the time to hit the target with 100 percent accuracy and even move while doing so. 

Forward and Backward Counter Strafing:

Same as the above we mentioned in our Valorant Movement article, you can do the Counter Strafing for forward and the backward movement too. In this scenario, when you move forward by pressing the “W” keyboard key, you can press the backward “S” Keyboard Key to cancel the movement and have 100 percent accuracy.

Most players tend to move and shoot, even professionals who like to keep moving forward/backward and left/right while shooting.

How to get hang of Counter Strafing:

Before learning other Movement Techniques in Valorant, you should get a hang of Counter Strafing and take it to the next level. First and foremost, you should pack your backpack and get ready to jump into the practice range. Valorant has it already for you, so no need to download aim assists.

Simply, go to training and pick a gun that has automatic firing, then start going for the “ADAD” or “stop move stop move” technique. This can take some time to get a hang of but trying is your best bet. 

After you get a bit of a hang of the ADAD, you can go for the WSWS, which allows you to get a hang of Counter Strafing better.  Lastly, you need to reduce the time interval it takes you to counter strafe.

Peeking Summary:

Peeking takes the know-how of counter strafing and enables you to take an angle that can assure you kill or assist, aiding your team in winning the match. 

So, peeking is a movement where you are at a corner or at an angle where the enemy cannot see and you can peek them from that corner, while moving to cover and peeking again, giving a basic set of movement for you to Counter Strafe.

Here, the Valorant and CSGO similarities differentiate because in Valorant you can Wall Bank, meaning you can hit the target through walls or boundaries.

Types of Peeking:

  • Jiggle Peeking: It allows you to move as fast as you can from cover to shot angle and back, then hitting a shot at the target. This not only gives you an edge of the movement but provides cover and gives a chance to hit the enemy.
  • Shoulder Peeking: A shoulder peek allows you to know the angle and the place of the enemy. In most cases, the enemy has an Operator which can one-shot kill you. At that time, you need to simply show your shoulder at the corner, while you know the movement of the enemy or distract.
  • Wide Peeking: Probably not the best choice but when you are at a corner and the enemy is also at one, then putting a wider peek is considered safer. A simple flash to and then a wide peek is the best choice when you are pushing.
Crouching movement

Crouching Summary :

After you are done with Counter Strafing, there is not much to do except learning the Bullet spread control with Valorant Movement. In Valorant, there is quite a lot of recoil on the weapons, allowing you to miss the shots if you keep on firing.

Here, the Crouching comes into play and allows you to simply sit, lowering the head and increasing the Recoil Control to its maximum. Besides this, crouching can basically silence your movement sound and also decreases the speed. You can also hide along with some objects on the map while crouching, giving you an extra edge with gameplay.


When you are in a crouch, you are in the worst state possible, allowing your enemy to simply one-shot you or hit you because of slower speed and head being exposed.

So, what you can do is simply do coaching a bit later, after the opponent has missed the first few shots. Other than that you can also do fast crouching to get your gun recoil under control.

Walking Summary :

The next one in the essential Valorant Movement is Walking. By default your character is running and has keybind “Shift” for Walking, slowing your movement speed but increasing your accuracy and lowering the gun recoil. 

The most basic functionality of Walking is to make you silent in-game. Yes, it does make you slower but you also have silent footsteps. In Valorant, just like CSGO, movement sound is one of the essential factors in a game.

Jumping Summary :

Last but not the least, we have here Jumping in our Movement Techniques in Valorant. Basically, in any game, you do jumping to get onto objects or to take cover in certain places where normal jumps cannot get you

Jumping Movement in Valorant


  • Jump and Crouch: There is a technique of Jumping and then Crouching at the same time, which allows you to get onto objects which are not available to the normal jumps. Besides, taking an exceptional angle is the most crucial thing in Valorant or competitive FPS games.
  • B-Hopping: Bunny Hopping is basically a movement that allows you to fastly jump around the map in hops and perform parkour. Bunny Hopping is done by perfectly jumping again and again or using your mouse scroll wheel to jump around.


Valorant might seem like a simple game but it has unique mechanisms that make it fun to play and master. It does seem like CSGO, but certain things are relatively different. As a new player, you need to master basic movement and bullet recoil control to get your kills. Obviously these skills will work in unison with your aim -and if you’re lacking that department I suggest you check out my Aim Lab Training Regime That is why we compiled this article to give you 5 essential Movement Techniques in Valorant.

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