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How to hold angles in Valorant.

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Knowing how to hold angles in valorant is essential. This article should serve as an entry level overview to angles and not just what they are but how to use them in Valorant. In future blogs Ill go in-depth on each aspect of what is seen below to give a better understanding of each element.

Since its release in June 2020, Valorant has taken the PC gaming arena by storm. Thanks to the exposure on twitch in beta form, this character-based tactical shooter game has gained some serious traction. 

Currently, millions are taking their first steps into the game. However, unlike other shooters, Valorant isn’t just about headshots. It has complex and technical gameplay, and if you have only played a few games, you may feel you are not prepared. It’s not a bad thing, but if you want to stand out and rank higher among competitors but there are a lot of skills you must learn.

Out of all the things that players need to master, holding angles in Valorant with perfection is arguably the best way to improve your game. Now we will discuss the best techniques to hold angles in Valorant, but let first get an insight into its gameplay.

Gameplay of Valorant

 If we talk about its gameplay, Valorant pits two small teams against each other, set to attack or defend. The defending team can win by defusing the spike planted by attackers or destroying the attackers before they get a chance to plant bombs. Similarly, the attackers can win by either planting the bomb or eliminating all defenders.

Each team consists of five members and each team get to play as both defenders and attackers. Each match has 25 rounds, and the team winning 13-rounds in total is declared the victor.

What is an Angle in Valorant?

An angle is the line of sight a player has when obstructed by an object. An object can either be a corner of a wall, a crate, a smoke ledge, or anything that causes hindrance to vision. Angles are really important in any first-person shooter game, and particularly in Valorant holding angles is a key to success.

 Why it’s important to hold angles in Valorant

Holding the right angle is a salient aspect to overcoming competitors. When on the attacking side, defenders will always be set up in the best angles to offer the best defensive advantage. This allows them to hold the bomb site better and then fire on you first. In this scenario, when the opponent has the best angle your only option is to use utility. Smokes and flashes are key to gain control on defensive angles or peek the site.

If you are coming from loose and fast first-person shooters or haven’t played many shooters, you might not be familiar with any methods to improve your aim. Good crosshair placement is essential taking advantage of well held angles.

So if you are approaching a door or holding an angle, make sure to place the crosshair at the height of the head of the opponent and hold it in the spot where you would expect them to the peak. Generally, when a player holds a position with a greater distance from the angle than his opponent, he gets the opportunity to see the opponent first. As a result, even if the enemy peeks at you, you can easily get the jump them by firing before they have a chance to react.

Best techniques to hold angles in Valorant.

Generally, the standard angles are held “corner to corner,” so the person holding it can control the area where his crosshair needs to be. According to this rule, the narrower the angle is, the safer it is for the defender.

Besides this, to increase the chances of survival makes sure to follow these steps.

  • Nail your Crosshair placement
  • Take a step back from corners you may be peeking

To hold the angle in Valorant, there are different methods. If you are struggling with your aim I suggest you check out my Aim Lab Training Regime.

Beyond holding angles when playing offensively its important to consider techniques that best play against well held angles.
Some of these techniques are listed below.

Jiggle-Peeking: It is all about clearing popular angles, positions and collecting information while not giving away anything. Pro players use jiggle-peeking combined with pre-fire to make their approach effective. 

Shoulder peeking: If you are looking to bait an enemy’s sniper or gather information, Shoulder peeking can be a perfect resource. This involves baiting a shot from the defender by making it appear you are about to peek with your shoulder only and not full body. 

Wide peek. Riskier than the other methods. Players who wide peek far from a corner can find themselves in trouble, as it will make them open to multiple sightlines. Therefore, this should only be used when a teammate is planning a follow-up after a wide peek. Make sure not to use this in a situation where you are up against two enemies at a time. Enemies will not let you get back to cover.

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