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Which Valorant Agent Should I play?

Which Agent Should I Play Valorant

Over the past year, Valorant has been creating excitement among the gamers. It has a roster full of unique agents all having different abilities and skills. Finding the Best Valorant Agent to play can become daunting.
With time Valorant has matured into a contender for top competitive tactical shooter. Currently, it has 15 agents players can pick from. Some of these agents are available immediately, and you can unlock others later.

Agents fit into 3 categories. attacking agents, defensive agents and support agents. Choosing the right agent to learn first is very important.
If you want to know which Valorant Agent you should play, we have got the answer for you. In this guide, we will work you through the best Valorant Agents for any skill level. This will help you make the most out of your part time gaming.

Which Valorant Agent Should I Play?

To decide which Valorant agent you should play, you must think about your play style first. There are around 15 agents in the game.  
You can look at their abilities and choose the one that best suits your play style. To figure out which agent better suit your play, comparing all the agents can is essential.

Here are some of the best Valorant Agent’s

When it comes to getting the upper hand in your games, picking the best Agent for yourself is a priority.
Passive players pick agents like Sova and Cypher and focus on information gathering. While, Aggressive players prefer characters like Raze, Phoenix, or Brimstone.
If you are still unsure which Valorant Agent you should choose, here is a list of some of the best Valorant Agents.


 Duelists are great for open combat and entry fragging.


Ability 1 – Cloudburst
Ability 2- Updraft
Signature Ability – Tailwind
Ultimate Ability – Blade Storm
Due to Jett’s impressive mobility, Jett is one of the premier duellists in the game. If you are looking to get around fast, you can’t choose a better agent. 
Jett has one of the highest skill ceilings, and her high reward, high-risk play style can help solo carry. Jett’s kit focuses more on mobility than utility. Jett excels in skirmishes, 1v1 combat, and flanking due to her outplay potential.
So if you are looking for fast-paced offensive gameplay, Jett is the agent to go with.


Ability 1 Blaze
Ability 2 – Hot Hands
Signature Ability – Curveball
Ultimate Ability – Run it Back
Phoenix has one of the most useful ultimates in the game. Phoenix has a versatile kit with self-healing. Phoenix has spike denial potential with molly and visual denial with Blaze. To maximize its effectiveness, make sure to pair with Omen.  
Phoenix ‘s ability to gather information and allow the players to initiate safely. This makes Phoenix one of the another competitive duelist.
Phoenix’s playstyle is like other first-person shooters like CSGO. If you are coming from another first-person shooter, Phoenix can be a perfect choice.   



Ability 1 – Aftershock
Ability 2 – Flash Point
Signature Ability – Fault Line
Ultimate Ability – Rolling Thunder
Although in Patch 1.07, Breach received some significant buffs. But, with changes, he has re-established himself as one of the best Initiators of Valorant.
His ultimate has now faster detonation blasts, and his concussion de-scopes the agents. Besides this, he can travel through walls and can counter operate, which makes him a great tool to have under your belt.
So if you are good at making a quick decision and understand the game’s tactics well, Breach is the best Valorant agent to use.
Ability 1 – Owl Drone
Ability 2 – Shock Bolt
Signature Ability – Recon Bolt
Ultimate Ability – Hunter’s Fury
Since the launch of Valorant, Sova has been a great agent. Sova has improved with time. Sova now it offers plenty of opportunities to use recon dart, arrow and drones. You can use to gather information about other players.
Due to its versatility, Sova has become a staple in ranked. Pro players are also using it and pushing the limits of his arrow lineups.
So if you are largely running support for other players and helping them out, give Sova a shot.


Ability 1 – Snake Bite
Ability 2 – Poison Cloud
Signature Ability – Toxic Screen
Ultimate Ability – Viper’s Pit
Viper is relatively an easier agent to play, and her Toxic Screen ability differentiates it from others. With Viper’s ability to deny vision, zone players and control points, you can force opponent error.
Although the Viper received tons of buff in patches 1.02, 1.05, and 1.09, she has improved a lot. Now it is much easier and safer to play with her. Besides this, her unique strategies and abilities allow the players to do many great things with this agent. 

So if you love to play more strategically, don’t mind trying the Viper.


Ability 1 – Shrouded Step

Ability 2 – Paranoia
Signature Ability – Dark Cover
Ultimate Ability – From the Shadows
For running counter-intelligence, you can’t get a better agent than Omen. With his ability to fit into almost every team comp on any map, he is one of the top-notch agents in Valorant. 
 It has several useful characters that can help you block off areas, blink players, and make it harder for them to find out what’s going on. Omen’s free and unlimited smokes are especially useful in longer rounds. Particularly useful after the enemy team has spent most of their utility.
So if you love to set yourself up and help everyone else out, Omen is the agent for you.
  Ability 1 – Stim Beacon
Ability 2 – Incendiary
Signature Ability – Sky Smoke
Ultimate Ability – Orbital Strike
If you are a beginner and haven’t played Valorant enough, Brimstone can be the ideal agent for you. With its straightforward and easy-to-understand abilities, you can mark your way to success.
The factor separating Brimstone from other agents is his ability to place multiple long-ranged smokes. By using Brimstone effectively, you can limit the vision and close off entry points. Moreover, Brimstones other abilities make it great for zooming and push an entire team out of a hot spot. 
In short, if you know the map inside and out, Brimstone can be incredibly valuable on both offense and defense.


Ability 1 – Barrier Orb
Ability 2 – Slow Orb
Signature Ability – Healing Orb
Ultimate Ability – Resurrection
Sage is an impressive Sentinels, and her resurrection is still one of the best ultimates in Valorant. With her slow and signature wall and ability to be good on maps like split, she can be a good character to have on your team. 
Although she’s good for zoning, her heel is only a single target. You can cast it from a much further range compared to other characters.  
Since she’s the premiere delayer and can slow down teammates, it can be a great choice for your Sentinel. So if you have a good eye for where to throw roadblocks or you are a user of playing support, choose this agent for sure.


Ability 1 – Trapwire
Ability 2 – Cyber Cage
Signature Ability – Spycam
Ultimate Ability – Neural Theft
As gathering the information about enemies’ movement is crucial in Valorant, Cypher is the agent to rely upon. Using a spy camera, you can reveal the enemy location and play the corner tactically.
Cypher has the ability to play both Intel and defensive roles. Cypher unique strengths can defend attacks by shutting down enemy flankers and lurkers. Furthermore, laying down traps can provide the team much more safety and assurance better than others.
So if you have the knowledge about the map, and want to play more tactically, Cypher is the agent which you should play.
Remember, all the Valorant agents suit different types of players. To figure out which Valorant agent suits your gameplay, self-assessment is critical.

Before jumping to the best-looking agent, remember to make the smartest choice. Now that you’ve chosen your agent why not check out our guide on holding angles.


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