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Get Good Gaming – How to get good at gaming

The title of this blog is pretty general and you’re probably laughing just reading it. You’ll often hear people say ‘Get Good’ or type in chat ‘GIT GUD NOOB’ but you probably never think they have your best interest at heart. I’m here to tell you, it’s probably good advice. Getting good at gaming has immense upside and pretty limited downside (if done the right way). Go full MLG style!

Why should I get good at gaming?

You should get good at gaming for a stack of reasons.

  • Get more enjoyment out of your gaming time.
  • Make more friends to play with
  • Get a sense of achievement at higher frequency (more endorphins for you!)
  • Open up the potential for a gaming side hustle
  • Improve overall mood outside of gaming

The better you are at your game of choice the more you will get out of your hobby. Personally my best experiences have all been born from my intention to get good at gaming. Some key examples of the direct benefit that pop to mind for me are: spending hours streaming Overwatch Beta after recieving an early invite to the game.

  • Making memories with my closest friends spending time carrying them.
  • Streaming hours of Overwatch Beta thanks to an early invite I earned from achieving Rank 1 in Heroes of the Storm ranked
  • Placing 2nd in a local LAN esports tournament (Pic below)
2nd Place at RFLAN in Australian for Heroes of the Storm.
2nd Place at RFLAN in Australian for Heroes of the Storm.

It doesn’t take much time at all to get good gaming under your belt. I spent 20 minutes a day practicing Overwatch and one 40 minute game a night to climb from Gold to Diamond in Overwatch in just 3 weeks playing only 5 nights a week.

How do I get good at gaming?

It’s very hard to get good gaming, but its VERY easy to get good AT gaming. Put more simply you aren’t doing focused practice you’re just ‘playing’ and whilst it’s fun, you’re probably not getting any better at your game of choice.

To give a quick example lets talk about a ‘battle royale’ as reference. Let’s say Warzone. I’ve played almost no Warzone to date but I will likely pick it up to play with my girlfriend in the coming months as she’s going to be recovering from knee surgery. So what will I do to get good?

Most of Warzone, or any, battle royale game is spent wandering the map picking up gear. About a good 70% of your game is spend mindlessly running around the map with the other 30% of your time actually competing against other players. So in 1 hour of playing Warzone you’re probably really only getting practice at the game for 30% of it and that’s if you’re not getting kurbstomped so quickly you’re not getting an opportunity to learn.

Think of this in-terms of the Pareto principle, which if you read this blog you’ll know I love. The principle suggests that for many outcomes about 80% of consequences result from 20% of the causes. In a gaming sense 80% of your game time is wasted and 20% is actually improving your play.

So how do you fix that? Before your next gaming session do the following

  • 10 Minutes of ‘Technique’ Practice, in this case Aim Practice
    (On PC Aim Lab is where it’s at)
  • 10 Minutes of Technical Guides on Youtube

That’s the diluted version but basically if for the first week you play a new game you do this practice before you play your enjoyment, ability and takeaway from the games you play will increase tenfold. Ideally you want to focus your practice on the 20% of techniques and skills the game requires to play at a competitive level.

‘Technique’ practice refers to a specific skill you know you’ll be using frequently in game. You’ll find you stumble upon advanced techniques in your 10 minutes of Youtube time

If you want an idea about the kind of video guides I’d personally watch if I were learning Warzone today I’ll leave a gallery at the bottom of this post.

Hopefully this post provides some insight into how you can get more from your gaming.

Okay so now for a challenge.

If you’ve read this far I want you to join in on a reader challenge. Taking part is simple. Commit to 10 minutes of ‘Technique Practice’ and 10 minutes of ‘Technical Youtube Guides’ on your favourite game. You must do this 5 days in a calendar week for a month. Record your starting rank for the game you’ll be playing.

Leave a comment below stating the following

“I’m starting today [insert date] – I’m playing [insert game] – my starting rank is [insert rank]”

When you’ve completed the challenge come back and either edit your post if you can see it or post a new one with “my final rank is [insert rank] as at [insert date]”

If enough of you complete the challenge I’ll have the data collated and we will see for once and for all how easy and beneficial this technique truly is!

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