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Overwatch VR – How to play Overwatch in VR

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You can play Overwatch in VR. Yes you heard that right. This has been done before but not with real playability. Overwatch VR can finally be played with an acceptable refresh rate (144hz sort of…) and minimal input lag using the new Valve Index.

What is Valve Index

For those not familiar Valve Index, released in June 28 2019, the unit went on sale at a US price of $999. The unit boasts Two 1440×1600 LCD Displays @ 80 Hz, 90 Hz, 120 Hz, or 144 Hz.

With Overwatch 2 on the way it’s a little late in the games cycle to be getting excited about Overwatch in VR and if you saw my last post on the game you’d probably have no interest what so ever. For some reason though, this has gotten me pretty excited. After watching some gameplay of the game being played in VR at a decent skill level I figured it was worth looking at.

Valve Index Headset
Valve Index available from Steam for purchase.

How can I play Overwatch in VR

This is definitely something that people have tried before but what has changed since previous efforts is Valve Index app ‘Virtual Desktop’. Its most recent update included a change that ‘Improves the capture rate to better match your monitor`s refresh rate’. This method will require a pretty decent gaming rig but if you’ve got something with atleast an RTX 2060 and 16GB of 3200mh RAM you’re in a pretty good position.

Below is how you can set yourself up to play in VR.

Setting Up Overwatch VR with Valve Index

  • Complete Install and setup your Valve Index
  • Purchase Virtual Desktop on Steam
  • Ensure your NVIDA or Radeon Graphics drivers are up to date.
  • Make sure your Overwatch is up to date
  • Launch Virtual Desktop
  • Launch Overwatch

That’s it.

You’re all setup to play Overwatch in VR.

If you were still wondering what the game looks like in VR before you purchase a Valve Index, I’ve aggregated a bunch of Overwatch VR videos below so you can be as convinced as I was to give this a crack. Overwatch VR with Valve Index and Virtual Desktop has come leaps and bounds since most players would have experienced it. Definitely worth trying out.

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