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Onyx Cloud Serpent : How to obtain

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Onyx Cloud Serpent. This rare World of Warcraft mount is one of the most searched wow mounts on Google. It’s so searched in fact that I wanted to write an entire guide on how you can obtain the Reins of the Onyx Cloud Serpent. At Part Time Gamer 101 we’re all about doing things quickly so we’ve laid out the fastest (and easiest) way to obtain this mount below, broken into two parts, Rep Grind and Quest.

Reins of the Onyx Cloud Serpent

Onyx Cloud Serpent Mount
Onyx Cloud Serpent

Shado-pan Rep Grind

So the first thing players wanting to obtain Reins of the Onyx Cloud Serpent need to do is reach Exalted with the Shado-Pan which takes 84000 Reputation (From 0 Rep). Doing this is fairly simple but requires a few hours worth of grinding. If you can do this while there’s an in-game rep buff going on you’ll make the whole process alot faster. (Think Darkmoon Faire buff’s or calendar events). Using the Human Diplomacy racial too you’ll require fewer again.

So queue up your favourite TV shows and get ready to get stuck in. The grind for the Onyx Cloud Serpent involves killing the NPC’s ‘Zandalari Warbringer’ and Zandalari Warscout. These mobs drop an Insignia that can be traded for 1000 rep with Shado-Pan.

Shado-Pan Insignia - Part Time Gamer 101
Shado-Pan Insignia – Part Time Gamer 101

The best place to farm these NPC’s in the Townlong Steppes. Once in Townlong Steppes you can head to the lower left portion of the map and start doing the route that the mobs are found in. If you find that your server is populated you might find you require an addon that will server hop you until you find a quieter realm to farm on.

If you are having trouble farming insignias for your Onyx Cloud Serpent there is a method that you can try that involves sending alts to farm a boss mob called War God Dokah. This mob guarantees an Insignia drop the first time you kill it on each character. You can then mail the insignia to the main character you’re collecting on as the insignias are account bound.

War God Dokah

After you’ve farmed approximately 840 insignias use all the insignias in your bag to gain Exalted with the Shadow-Pan and head to Master Snowdrift. You can find Master Snowdrift at the location seen below, once there begin the quest ‘Surprise Attack!’. After this quest is completed you’ll be awarded the Reins of the Onyx Cloud Serpent.

Master Snowdrive - Onyx Cloud Serpent  Quest
Master Snowdrive – Part Time Gamer 101

Surprise Attack! (The easy bit)

This quest involved thwarting a Mogu invasion! I won’t ruin things but will caution you that When you have accepted this quest, hundreds of Mogu appear and start a siege on the Niuzao Temple You can easily fly over these attackers as fighting them offers no benefit other than feeling better about yourself.

Enjoy your Onyx Cloud Serpent!

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