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Asus Gaming Laptop : Why you need to buy one.


Let me be clear. This article is not sponsored. The I currently use to write articles for this site and play my favourite games on continues to blow me away. In fact, I saw fit to sell my Desktop Gaming rig as this laptop blew it away. I wanted to write about why Asus Laptop’s are the BEST choice when it comes to laptop gaming choices year after year model after model.

Amayze ASUS Strix G531GV 15 inch Gaming Laptop
My ASUS Strix G531GV

I bought my Asus Laptop just over 2 years ago now. I hadn’t owned a laptop I’d considered worth of gaming since my top of the line Macbook Pro back in 2004. (Yes I know, gaming on a mac is silly.) Sporting a then current gen graphics card, the RTX 2060, the G531GV model I purchased was unrivalled on price. Yes this laptop has all the garish RGB you’d come to expect from anything worth of gaming on (Asus have great software so you can turn the in-house disco off, which I’ve done). What sets it apart though is the price to performance ratio.

It wasn’t until I sold my desktop gaming PC that I truly realised how far laptop gaming had come and how accessible pricing of the Asus Laptop selection was. I had no idea how much power could be packed into a gaming laptop worth less than $2,500 AUD (Approximately $1900 USD). Not only that the screen itself was worthy of freestanding gaming setup.

Amayze ASUS Strix G531GV RTX 2060 Nvidia
Nvidia RTX 2060 Onboard

Price of Asus Gaming Laptops

In any year, ASUS laptops offer the best value for money price point of any of the main players. Unsurprisingly they leave Razer laptops in the dust in terms of price but even beat out the modestly prices MSI laptops.

As of the time of writing this article ASUS offers the mostly cheaply priced laptop that includes an RTX 3070. A close contender is MSI however with a poor track record of software and support on a whole these laptops do not stand up against their ASUS counterparts.


In regards to the performance available in the series of Gaming Laptops available from ASUS the sky is truly the limit. My personal suggestion for your impending purchase (because you should be convinced by now that ASUS is the way to go) – is that you target the lower range of current gen graphics cards. As of right now that would mean going after anything from ASUS sporting an RTX 3060.

In fact – here’s a link to the model I’m having my partner purchase for , cough, ‘work’.

A few things to note for min/maxing your purchase.

  • When deciding on Memory. High clock rates are always best for gaming. (Higher mhz than GB on Ram)
  • With regards to the processor AMD have a great bang for buck record right now. (Look for high Ghz rather than cores/threads)
  • If you’re really throwing down the $$ feel free to go for a mid range current gen graphics card (right now thats the RTX 3070) Highend graphics in a gaming laptop is almost always overkill as you’ll lose all your portability factor. That includes case size but also batter life.
  • On battery life – if you’re concernced about long gaming swings without power you’re sadly out of options. Gaming is power intensive at good quality settings. Maybe purchase a Nintendo Switch?

If you’re in the market for a new laptop you absolutely must consider an ASUS Gaming Laptop. They truly are the right choice for anyone wanting to play and work with peak performance without breaking the bank.

If you’re a little on the try-hard side like myself you should definitely check out our blog on how to get the most out of your limited time gaming.

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