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About Part Time Gamer 101


I’m Amayze – I’m a time poor gamer. I work full-time in marketing. I’m renovating a house. I’m unfit. And I desperately want to find more time to play my favourite games.

I’m on a mission to make gaming a more meaningful part of my life again and I want you to join me!

This website will be dedicated to helping myself and others find not only more time for their favourite games but also to efficiently use that in-game time dominating.

This website isn’t about me it’s about gaming. But if you’ve read this far chances are you probably want to learn a little more about me. Situated in Australia I work in Real Estate doing Marketing for a prominent local agency. My partner Evie and I are renovating a home together with the (sometimes) help of our Border Collie Logan. I’m a huge fan of Japanese culture. I’m dabbling in some udemy programming courses. I side hustle in Photography and had previously taken a solid run at being a Youtuber.(Spoiler alert – I was useless) www.youtube.com/amayze

I hope at the very least this website offers you some tips on how you might get more gaming into your life in the healthiest possible way (Gaming should never substitute stable relationships and income)