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Get Good Gaming – How to get good at gaming

Getting good at gaming has immense upside and pretty limited downside (if done the right way). The better you are at your game of choice the more you will get out of your hobby. It’s VERY easy to get good AT gaming. Put more simply you aren’t doing focused practice you’re just ‘playing’ and whilst it’s fun, you’re probably not getting any better at your game of choice.

Are Gaming Chairs Good for You Back

Are gaming chairs good for your back?

Some Gaming Chairs provide lumbar and neck support for users sitting long hours, making them perfect for gamers. While a gaming chair has many benefits, the key is to use the chair correctly. When you sit in a gaming chair properly, your body is trained to align into the correct sitting posture. Whether you work for a few hours or longer periods, gaming chairs provide back support and straighten your posture.

Should I play Outriders?

Should I play Outriders? A pre-release look.

Outriders does seem like it has the potential to be a fantastic game, Fluid gameplay and the ability to get access cheap with Xbox Game Pass on Xbox make it a decent pick up if you have no backlog in your gaming catalogue. From Polish programmers from People Can Fly, with assistance from their authors at Square Enix, Outriders is a big new third person looter-shooter sci-fi game. You’ll get to pick from 4 various personality courses: the fiery Pyromancer, the zap-happy Technomancer, the tank-like Devastator or the tricky Trickster.

Counter Strafe Valorant

Valorant Counter Strafe: A quick guide

Counter-strafing in Valorant is an essential technique that you can make use of to counter motion enabling accuracy on firing. This enables your initial shot discharged to be entirely accurate even if you’re partially in motion. This utilises the extra accuracy you get on your first bullet. To fully comprehend counter-strafing in Valorant and why it is so useful, it’s essential to understand ‘First Bullet Accuracy’.

Valorant Ranked

How Valorant Ranked Works

To help players better understand the ranked progress, developers introduced a Ranked Rating System. Before this, there was only an up and down arrow to indicate the progress of players, but the performance-based RR shows players exactly where they stand.