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Angles Image Valorant

How to hold angles in Valorant.

Generally, the standard angles are held “corner to corner,” so the person holding it can control the area where his crosshair needs to be. According to this rule, the narrower the angle is, the safer it is for the defender.

Using Scout in Valorant

Movement in Valorant: Techniques to use

This article will cover the essential movement techniques used in all levels of play. Counter Strafing, Jiggle Peeking and B-Hopping are all techniques covered here to name a few.

Aim Lab Settings Page

Aim Lab Training: Be a Sharp Shooter

To have god tier aim takes no longer than 10 minutes a day. Utilise Aim Lab the right way by following the training exercises in this article. There’s a full Aim Lab Training program in this post that will have beginners through to advanced gamers sharpen their aim.